Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We sure are having lots of fun and enjoying summer with Chuck in town! Here is a quick overview of the past few weeks! Enjoy!

The kids all dressed up ready to party!

Am I actually going to admit this...Our kitty cat Ni Hao hanging out with me, his favorite spot (besides on my lap...who would have thought?)

Chuck discovered that the kids are AMAZING!!!!! JENGA players (they can each pull up to 10 blocks!!

A wonderful night in the "Wild Wild West" with a petting zoo, playing horse shoes, lasso lessons, square dance lessons, and making cowboy puppets...

A pair of adorable ladybugs wrestling

Meeting Curious George at the Grove

Followed by a wonderful hike and the kids first sight of the Hollywood Sign...very cool!...well, very hot...but very neat :-)

An amazing day at the Natural History Museum...the kids enjoyed a t-rex show, a spider and bee show, lots of cool stuffed mammals, lots more dinosaur skeletons, a HUGE whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling and much much much more! No fear just total enjoyment! So proud of my brave kids!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meeting Kai Lan

Adelee and Gordie were so excited to meet Kai Lan at the zoo this past weekend. Auntie Jenny and Uncle Nelbo gave Adelee this outfit a while back and when she said she wanted to dress like a princess (very common these days) to go meet Kai Lan, I knew it was the perfect "princess" outfit! She loved it! Kai Lan even inspired the name of our foster cat, "Ni Hao Kitty" (translated Hi Kitty)

Art Class

The kids took a wonderful Art Class this summer. They learned about oil pastels, relief sculptures, the color wheel, texture collages and more. Here is some of the artwork from art class. At the end of the semester, they were part of a nice Art Show.