Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was peaceful and full of love!

Adelee hula-hooped ALL day! Gordie loved playing with all his new toys! And we survived a really long Christmas Mass (which was wonderful and full of beautiful music!) Gordie cheered after each song ("Deahhhhhhhh!!!" With clapping) Adelee disciplined her father when he tried to tickle her "No, daddy we at church, we play wresting when we get home!" She also pointed out all the pictures of Jesus and said "Jesus has hair on his chin and his belly".

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Martha's trip started with a wonderful weekend in Las Vegas with Suzanne and Mackenzie!

Adelee, Gordie stepped foot in their first Casino and we had lunch in "Venice".

Then it was on to Aspen to play in the snow...and stretch our legs...

We made it to Denver to have a wonderful lunch with Cousin Eileen.

Then we drove, drove and drove some more... but everyone is still happy...well at least Gordie is happy...Adelee and Kendall are thinking about it!

We made it to Holland!!!

We all had a wonderful time ice skating...both kids amazed us!!

Can never pass up a chance to cuddle Papa (plus it gave mommy a chance to skate alone...which was really not that pretty!)

Chuck and Martha had a chance to go out on a double date with Anna and Tom :)

Then we were on to visit Great Grandpa in Jackson, the kids loved seeing him!

Picking carrots with Nana!

Papa's train was one of Adelee and Gordie's highlights of the trip!

We celebrated Nathan's First Birthday! Laura and Gavin arrived on Sunday and the cousins were together! Absolutely wonderful!

Laura and Martha

The Henry Ford Museum was a lot of fun with the Lego Exhibit

We had a nice visit with Gramma Rose!

We had a lot of Dance Parties!

The kids after "Christmas"

Mom and Dad's Christmas Present...The 3 Daughter's Rug

Off to North Carolina to visit Gramma and Grammpa...and visit Santa!

The Kids Science Center with Gramma and Grampa K.

Off to Dallas, Tx to hang with the Ratcliff Family!
Suzanne and the kids

All the boys! (A. was reading books in the other corner of the cute little coffee shop)

And we are all still smiling with only a couple of more days left in our vacation!

After we left Dallas, we drove west toward California...we stopped very briefly in Flagstaff Az to see the Lurie Family...but we were quickly chased out by a blizzard that dropped over 2 feet of snow in the mountains of Northern Az! We had snow...then rain...then more snow west of the desert as we headed down into Los Angeles! Crazy!

What a great trip! Thanks everyone for so much fun and love!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun with the Triplets

We are having a blast!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Adelee was a purple walrus, Gordie a turtle! Both just adorable and had a wonderful time trick or treating! Gordie walked from house to house pointing and saying--in a spooky voice "ooooohhhhh" at the decorations. And Adelee walked right up to each door and yelled "Trick or treat" (think "GO STATE" video) then when the door opened she would say "Adelee have one please." (not a question....more of a statement) As they walked away from each house Gordie would say "Ba" (aka bye) and Adelee would say quietly "Happy Halloween, Thank you" And then on to the next house!

Okay, just have to say it, temps were in the upper 70's...just a beautiful night!

We went trick or treating with our neighbor and good friend Sawyer who was an adorable Lion and was having a blast...we enjoyed watching his parents chase him all around the different yards :)

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

An adorable video

We had a blast is a video of the kids. I wish I could put it in slow motion (I'll work on that) Gordie's face is priceless!! And yes, Adelee does say, "we're going crazy!"

Monday, October 26, 2009


Laura being the center of a really cute sandwich!

Adelee on Chocolate and Gordie on Marshmallow

First wheelbarrow ride from daddy

We had a wonderful day at the farm (last weekend) with our friends Laura, Ben and baby Amelia. We got lost in a corn maze (never did find the center...but at least we found our way out! We shopped at the farmers market, rode ponies, climbed a hay stack, hung out with chickens, sat on a tractor, and picked out pumpkins! The pumpkin picking was alittle bit different than last year in Michigan (shorts not snowsuits!) We are very happy to have the Lappenga's with us here in Los Angeles!

ps- we had a wonderful Halloween Party on Sunday. I'll post photos soon. I'm too lazy to go hook the camera up right now, I want to go to sleep :)