Saturday, June 27, 2009


Gordie is walking all over the place...forget about crawling! And he is so proud!


Adelee is kickin' butt with potty training! She goes in the potty at least once a day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We all needed a vacation! So we packed up and took a trip to Cocoa Beach Florida to spend some time in the surf and sun! But most importantly to spend some quality time with Laura, Gavin and to FINALLY meet Baby Nathan!

We had a wonderful time! We played on the beach, I ran on the beach (and layed out a little...with lots of sunscreen on), we played and cuddled lots of babies, we ate well, went to the zoo--where we touched a snake and fed a giraffe!, we relaxed! Adelee and Gordie loved playing with Nathan and it seemed that Nathan loved having them around to play with!

Thank you Laura and Gavin for having us! Memories we will never forget!

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A Fun Video

Adelee got a new tricycle for her birthday. The video was taken the day after she got it. She was so excited...until she got on and it was harder than she thought it was going to be! She got daddy to help for awhile but then she asked to have Gordie push her and man was he excited to help out! He was laughing the whole time! A couple of days later she was riding her tricycle without any help (until she ends up against the house or off the sidewalk and in the grass).

Adelee and Gordie love to play "Crash Boom" in Gordie's crib!

Enjoy the fun!

Also...Gordie has started to walk (more than just the falling forward steps).He is amazing us! He loves to wave bye bye, give kisses, he pushes the power button on the new battery powered (pink) car and rides it all over the back yard (I'll get a video soon). We sure are having fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Happy Birthday Party" with Bert and Ernie

We had a wonderful Bert and Ernie birthday party for Adelee this weekend! She was a doll and so wonderful with all of her guests/friends! I can only take credit for the baking....Chuck decorated the AMAZING Bert and Ernie cake! He is amazing and I might force him into the cake making business very soon! (our guests were all trying to hire him)

Our wonderful friends Doug and Melissa and their 22 month old daughter Amelia (who was Adelee's best friend for the first year of her life) stayed with us for a few nights while they were in town from Boston. We had a wonderful time and were so blessed to have them here for Adelee's birthday celebration! Amelia is a doll and the 3 of the kids were so cute together!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy BIrthday Adelee

As I'm sitting here I can hear Adelee in her bed singing "Happy Birthday to ME...Happy Birthday to Me"

We had a wonderful day! It started out with Adelee playing with the "baby" down the street who she loves! Then we stopped by the local Fire Station for a tour of the trucks. While we were there they had a call so we got to see 2 trucks "go bye-bye". But the tour continued for a good 20 more minutes! Adelee loves fire trucks (ever since she was rescued by firemen when she was 13 months old. Plus they go past our house at least once a day. Then we had a nice lunch where the waiters came over singing happy birthday and gave Adelee a scoop of ice cream with a candle on top. She blew it right out without any hesitation! Then off to the Marry-Go-Round where we all had a wonderful ride! Finally, we ended the day with dinner at the park and a game of whiffle ball with Nel and Jen. And now they are both asleep and Chuck and I are celebrating an amazing past 2 years!

The end of May update!

We are having a wonderful birthday for Adelee...but I'm not going to post those pictures until the day is over...more fun to come. But I thought I would catch you all up a bit. We have been to another of Unkie Nelbo's baseball games and got some cute photos. We also went to a birthday party at TravelTown and had a blast playing with friends and looking at/climbing on/riding on all the trains.