Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Fun Video

Adelee got a new tricycle for her birthday. The video was taken the day after she got it. She was so excited...until she got on and it was harder than she thought it was going to be! She got daddy to help for awhile but then she asked to have Gordie push her and man was he excited to help out! He was laughing the whole time! A couple of days later she was riding her tricycle without any help (until she ends up against the house or off the sidewalk and in the grass).

Adelee and Gordie love to play "Crash Boom" in Gordie's crib!

Enjoy the fun!

Also...Gordie has started to walk (more than just the falling forward steps).He is amazing us! He loves to wave bye bye, give kisses, he pushes the power button on the new battery powered (pink) car and rides it all over the back yard (I'll get a video soon). We sure are having fun!

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