Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gordie got a haircut!

A real haircut!!! (he wouldn't sit still to get a good picture...but this close up gives you a better idea.) SO CUTE!

A little fun

Well, we are trying hard to stay cool out here! The temps have been well over 100 degrees for several days now. We are also trying to stay in out of the smoke from fires.

But we are still having fun! Adelee was amazing climbing a rope/ladder/tunnel up to a platform and down a huge curly slide into a fun ball pit (she did it over and over and over again, then her friend showed up and she did it over and over and over again). Good news is I only had to do it with her 2 times! Good to know that she doesn't have the fear of heights that her mom has :)

Gordie spent most of his time throwing all the balls back into the ball bit and then throwing them back out. He had a blast in the pit! He loved the jumper and pretty much everything else that was out of the heat.

(Adelee loved the jumper too!)

Gordie gets his stitches out tomorrow! So then maybe we can go swimming again! Thank goodness!

We also went to a movie...a 3D movie! "Meatballs Movie" Adelee loved it! Chuck loved it! And I loved my sweet baby boy sleeping on my chest for an hour and a half (despite snoring noises that could compete with his daddy).

Oh yea, way back a couple of weeks ago, it was a bit cooler outside so we went swing dancing at the Galleria (the Galleria).

Here are a few photos for you...

The Coop

Monday Swing Dancing

Gordie's toe...

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall is here is Southern California!

The first signs of fall...cooler temps and leaves! The kids had a blast running through our (small) leaf piles today. (Tom, it only took me about 5 minutes to rake my yard :) )

Both kids knew right what to do, running, jumping and throwing the leaves into the air.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nana and Papa's Visit

We have a beautiful hiking trail a couple of miles up the hill we live at the base of...and so we got out early one morning and went for a wonderful hike. We all took turns carrying the kids on our backs...but as you can see, they really enjoyed hiking themselves. I put the last picture in because we were playing boats (Our dog kendall was the whale or the seal we would point out) and we were singing "row row row your boat". Well Gordie now walks around paddling with his arms singing "woo woo woo woo" it's so cute!

Nana and Papa's visit

Long Beach...and the Aquarium of the Pacific

My parents arrived at LAX early in the morning so we just continued down the 405 to Long Beach. We had fun walking around the Seaside village and enjoyed a nice lunch at the YardHouse (Becky, if you check's were we ate when you were here for your conference). My dad decided 11:30 was a little too early for a Yard of beer...or we would have had to carry him in the stroller!

Then we headed over to the Aquarium. We played with sharks and sting-rays, watched sea lions splach around and saw lots of cool fish! Both kids enjoyed the well as my parents and me!

Both kids were so excited to see my parents. I don't think Gordie let go of my dad for the first several hours we were together!

Nana and Papa's visit

Catalina Island...a wonderful day!

We took the one hour boat ride over to Catalina Island, leaving the Port of Los Angeles (which was cool too!). We had a nice outside ride over to the island, had fun playing in the water on the beach (Adelee and Nana more than Gordie), shopping, eating ice cream, eating a delicious Mexican dinner mmmm mmm, and exploring the island. We watched seals play in the water as we were boarding the boat back home, then got to see a couple of whales hanging out in the water on the ride back. The captain of the boat stopped the boat and we just floated around watching them come up and down. I know Gordie didn't see them, Adelee may have seen them...but the ooohhhs and ahhhhs from everyone on the boat were very exciting for both of the kids.

I ran my first 10k on that island about 5 or 6 years ago...looking back at the hills I ran up...what was I thinking!?