Tuesday, April 7, 2015

We bought a house!

Welcome back to "Our Life in California!" It is time to start blogging again! We bought our first house! Yeah! I'll give the kids credit too, because they sacrificed a lot so we could make this purchase! They didn't argue when we told them we were going to have to stop ballet lessons so we can save every single penny, they heard lots of "no's" when they asked for special treats. But once we bought the house and started shopping and BUYING (the kids were beginning to wonder how many trips to Lowe's and Home Depot we would have to make before we would actually buy something!) Gordie says "I get it mom, you didn't let us buy a lot of little things so that we could buy more BIG things." And I just thought it was so adorable when Adelee said, as I was checking out at Best Buy buying a stove and a dishwasher: "What? you are actually going to buy something...and without Daddy?" Yup! New dishwasher, new stove, new hood, new cabinets, new countertops, new vanities, new faucets, new sinks, new tile...WOW! We are designing our own house! We signed on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015, we closed on the 3rd and the demolition started on the 4th. We spent a few hours at the house building cabinets on Easter Sunday. The kids and I returned to the house on Monday to wait the arrival of the dumpster (oops, that is one thing I forgot to schedule...it would have been nice to have had that for the weekend.) And Chuck and his buddy Jeff returned on Tuesday to finish up demo and to start rebuilding. So just to set the scene for you. Chuck works at least 10 hours a day and his typical drive to and from work is well over an hour. I am 7 months pregnant, juggling 3 kid's schedules (I had to break the "no extra curricular activities rule" to sign them up for baseball) and I'm working a bit. We are paying double mortgage and rent for one month...that's all...no more...that means we have to be moved in by May 1st. We are flipping this house ourselves- we even built our own cabinets (yes, that saved us A LOT of money!), with Chuck's buddy/contractor we are the team! This is going to be one fast flip! But it is going to be AWESOME and it's going to have all of our blood (well hopefully not blood), sweat and tears in it! And we are going to have a house to call our own! I'd love to post some photos tonight...but instead I'm going to lay out on the sofa and relax. Maybe count some baby kicks :-) But tomorrow I'll post the before pictures. The demo pictures. And the Day 1 of rebuild photos.