Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Gordie!

4 years ago today I got to cuddle with my sweet, loving, caring, funny, did I mention loving...little baby Gordie for the first time. Oh what a blessing! His kisses his hugs, his smile- he could cuddle all day. Oh so sweet! Now lets not forget that he loves to wrestle, play superhero...all of the time, he can hit a hockey puck, smash a baseball, zip around the block on his bike, and climbs like a monkey. He is our Gordie Russell and we love him so much!!! 8:00am We started opening presents at 8:00 this morning (we got a late start this morning because they got to stay up/wakeup for the fireworks last night). We skyped with Daddy, then we skyped with Auntie Jenny and Unkie Bobo, then we talked to Gramma on the phone. (Happy Birthday Sung by all) Then we had cupcakes for breakfast (thanks Laura Lappenga). 10:00 Played Superhero Shoots and Ladders and read the book "I Stink" 11:00-1:00 WENT BIRTHDAY PRESENT SHOPPING AT ALL THE PLACES GORDIE HAS SAID TO ME "Mommy I want this for my birthday" Plus a stop at the sporting goods store to buy all his soccer stuff. Home for lunch (and a breathing treatment) 3:00 ICE CREAM!! 4:00 More birthday present shopping (the book store!) 5:00 PIZZA FOR DINNER (a call from Grampa) 6:00 Abby Sophie and Noah sang "Happy Birthday Cha Cha Cha" to Gordie 6:30 Skype with Nana and Papa to sing Happy Birthday again!! 7:00 Mommy got to cuddle and read all of his new books that he got to buy with his birthday money. (and a breathing treatment) PLUS PICTURES OF HIS SUPERHERO TRAINING CAMP BIRTHDAY PARTY!!