Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little something

Oh my goodness, Chuck gets a new camera and I don't get any pictures!

Well we have had a wonderful few months! Adelee, Gordie and Martha spent 3 weeks in Michigan playing with Nana and Papa, and the Bonnemas! (but I forgot my camera...my parents have tons of great pics though!)

When we got back we had a wonderful visit from Gramma Kaiton. We relaxed, had a wonderful Kaiton Christmas Party, AND Santa stopped by the party to give a couple of early gifts and to wish us a Merry Christmas...that was Awesome!!!

Then, it was Christmas...Chuck, was home this whole holiday season and it was so wonderful to be together in our home this year! I am so thankful for such a loving and wonderful Husband and 2 beautiful children!!

We got to attend a New Years Eve party in Venice too...at 6:00pm!! The picture of Gordie must have been taken when I was in the other room...although I must admit it is pretty cute!

I wish you all peace in 2011!!