Monday, June 27, 2011

This was on a wonderful hike this weekend! We made it around a Turtle Pond and a beautiful lake. It was wonderful! We also had a beautiful day Saturday at the beach, for some reason the pictures disappeared off of my camera (not chuck's, my cheap one) Urrrggg! (I know I shouldn't be holding Gordie...oops...really Mom, I don't ever pick him up, just this once)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dance Recital 2011!

What a beautiful day! We got to celebrate what a wonderful daddy Chuck is, enjoy the company of my mom and watch our two amazing babies perform on stage like little stars! They both did great! Adelee flashed a few beautiful smiles on stage along with doing a great job with her dance! Gordie was simply adorable in his suit and hit every move right on (for the most part), and even put a little attitude into a few of the moves! It was a beautiful day!

I'll work on putting the videos together...but here are some photos!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adelee's 4th Birthday

This is when I wish I was a good writer! Oh our precious Adelee is 4 years old already! Really? Where has the time gone!? She has always been such an angel and such a joy! (oh no the tears are coming...) We love her so much! She is a wonderful daughter, but I think it is her amazing characteristics as a sister that has always set her apart! From day one (at 13 months old) she was caring and loving to her brother! Even now at 4 years old, she plays with him all day! When he crys she is the first one he runs to, and she is the first one to run to him to sooth him! I even got yelled at (yes yelled at) the other day when Adelee was running after a crying Gordie. I asked her to leave him alone and she said "Mom, stop! I have to help Gordie he is upset!!" I couldn't even be mad at her for yelling at me, because it was just so sweet, it was so Adelee! She is a gem! Funny, smart, beautiful, sweet, independent and amazing!

For her birthday she wanted to go on a farris wheel and she wanted cupcakes (a train ride, a marry-go-round ride, and play chase aka "bad animal"). So, we headed down to the Santa Monica Pier for the morning. We spent the afternoon playing in the backyard and decorating and eating cupcakes! The final picture is our 4 year old...texting on the bed (new bunk beds from Gramma and Grandpa K.), wearing a beautiful dress from the Bonnemas :-)

Praise the Lord for our beautiful blessings that fill up our day every day! We are so thankful for Adelee!