Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Week!

We had a wonderful Earth Week. Which ended with Adelee telling me to turn off the water by saying "mommy don't waste water because of earth day". We planted beans, zucchini, went to the zoo to learn about Endangered species, went the Aquarium of the Pacific to learn about cleaning trash out of the lakes so the fish can swim and be happy. The kids got a map of America and a new Globe of "Earth" and we are learning about where everyone lives. (the Globe has pictures on it (animals from around the world) so far the kids are only interested in "Daddy's airplane is on the ball" and they like finding the whales)'s a start. I am so proud of them! (oh and Gordie won his first raffle at an Earth Day storytime...he got a great book and lots of stickers) the way there are more pictures from our trip up north following this might have to search for it though)

We are so happy to have my very good high school friend Kate (Lovejoy) living only 5 short hours away in beautiful Northern California (just south of San Fransisco). We had a wonderful visit! Adelee and Kendall were instant best friends (so cute to see) Gordie, found toys that he just couldn't get enough of (a little trampoline, a vacuum cleaner, a little tykes car). Kate and I just picked up were we left off and had a wonderful time together! She took us on a wonderful trip up to San Fran (my first time, and I am so mad at myself for not getting up there sooner BEAUTIFUL!!!), we played at a couple of parks, played a lot and got to help celebrate Allyson's first birthday, with a wonderful party (that included a jumper!)

Me with the Golden Gate Bridge and the City in the background. (kids were asleep in the car, so we only did a driving tour)

The amazingly adorable girls

The jumping went on for hours!

Kate with her girls

The Princess and the Goofball

My cuties

More cuteness

Oops who put Gordie next to the birthday girl???

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A wonderful (but cold) day in Los Angeles!

(Bet you didn't think we did this kind of thing here in LA!!!)

THE KIDS WERE AMAZING!! Both of them got right up on the horse and walked off around the field! It was so wonderful to see! Then we got to play with adorable little rats (tickled the kids hands and bellies), bunnies, and a snake (just looked).

Even Chuck and I got to go for a nice romantic walk on horseback (until Chuck's horse took off the other direction) then it was more of a comical walk :-)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our wonderful trip to Tucson!

We gave and we got lots of hugs from Papa!

We gave and we got lots of hugs from Nana!

We shared lots of special hugs with Great Grandpa!

Lots of fun...
Sleeping in big kid beds!

Riding on a Choo-choo train!

Gordie broke the law and had to pay the consequences...NO TIES! So his got cut off and pinned on the wall!

My beautiful Adelee learned all about desert plants and flowers!

We watched a hummingbird baby...just 5 days old...get up close a personal with an arm...not a branch...oops (his mommy was not happy with him...but we all thought it was pretty dang cool!)

Gordie started to get a bit tired in Papa's arms...

But got a little more energy when he saw a Coyote!

Then conked out on Great Grandpa for a good hour!

What a beautiful trip! We had such a wonderful time and feel so blessed to get to spend such special time with our family!

Ready to head home to Daddy and celebrate Easter

I felt very blessed by my beautiful family today on Easter! Praise to God!