Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are so happy to have my very good high school friend Kate (Lovejoy) living only 5 short hours away in beautiful Northern California (just south of San Fransisco). We had a wonderful visit! Adelee and Kendall were instant best friends (so cute to see) Gordie, found toys that he just couldn't get enough of (a little trampoline, a vacuum cleaner, a little tykes car). Kate and I just picked up were we left off and had a wonderful time together! She took us on a wonderful trip up to San Fran (my first time, and I am so mad at myself for not getting up there sooner BEAUTIFUL!!!), we played at a couple of parks, played a lot and got to help celebrate Allyson's first birthday, with a wonderful party (that included a jumper!)

Me with the Golden Gate Bridge and the City in the background. (kids were asleep in the car, so we only did a driving tour)

The amazingly adorable girls

The jumping went on for hours!

Kate with her girls

The Princess and the Goofball

My cuties

More cuteness

Oops who put Gordie next to the birthday girl???

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