Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our wonderful trip to Tucson!

We gave and we got lots of hugs from Papa!

We gave and we got lots of hugs from Nana!

We shared lots of special hugs with Great Grandpa!

Lots of fun...
Sleeping in big kid beds!

Riding on a Choo-choo train!

Gordie broke the law and had to pay the consequences...NO TIES! So his got cut off and pinned on the wall!

My beautiful Adelee learned all about desert plants and flowers!

We watched a hummingbird baby...just 5 days old...get up close a personal with an arm...not a branch...oops (his mommy was not happy with him...but we all thought it was pretty dang cool!)

Gordie started to get a bit tired in Papa's arms...

But got a little more energy when he saw a Coyote!

Then conked out on Great Grandpa for a good hour!

What a beautiful trip! We had such a wonderful time and feel so blessed to get to spend such special time with our family!

Ready to head home to Daddy and celebrate Easter

I felt very blessed by my beautiful family today on Easter! Praise to God!


GLMcD said...

What a beautiful and amazing family!! What fun too!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness what a wonderful trip and beautiful family! miss you!!