Monday, October 25, 2010

A few more photos

Here are a few more photos I took from Laura. (Tom's sister, who also lives here in LA, and was with us this weekend with her daughter Amelia and hubby Ben)

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notice Marcia Cross at Mr. Bones, who jumped right into our photo :)

We just dropped off the Bonnema Family at the airport, and we miss them already! I think Adelee put it best when she said (about 100 times) "Why do they have to go to their house, I don't want them to go to their house!!"

I'm sure Anna will fill her blog with a nice narrative of the trip, I'm going to keep it simple (in hopes of getting some photos up before my dad leaves work for the day). She will also have pictures of Thursday (when I forgot my camera, and we did Santa Monica Pier) and Sunday (when Chuck used his fancy camera and we did Kidspace, Pasadena)

So we had a wonderful time!! Here are photos of Friday...Hike to the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Blvd, Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch (Where we saw Marcia Cross, from Desprate Housewives), next we split up and the Bonnemas kept going and I took the kids home for a nap, finally we met back up at Universal City Walk for dinner.

Saturday was Disneyland!!!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

13.1!!! I did it again!

So January of 2009 I made a New Years Resolution to Run a 1/2 marathon. The year came and went with maybe a couple of 2 mile runs. So a couple of months ago when my sister Anna told me she was training for her first 1/2 marathon and wanted me to train along side her...2000 miles apart I was all for it! So we did it!

It just so happened that the marathons were on the same day! TODAY! A beautiful, perfect, cool day in both Grand Rapids, MI and in Long Beach, CA. We both kicked butt too! I ran a lot faster than I thought I could and felt great the whole time...really I did!!! (right now, laying in bed...yeah, not feeling so legs feel like rocks!!)

Chuck, Adelee and Gordie came along to support and cheer me on! They had a blast playing with each other in and around the events, looking at the boats, the Queen Mary Historical Ship, the beach, the ocean, bridges, fountains...and watching LOTS AND LOTS OF RUNNERS!!! At the end Adelee told me "Mom, I'm proud of you" Melt my heart!!