Monday, October 25, 2010

We just dropped off the Bonnema Family at the airport, and we miss them already! I think Adelee put it best when she said (about 100 times) "Why do they have to go to their house, I don't want them to go to their house!!"

I'm sure Anna will fill her blog with a nice narrative of the trip, I'm going to keep it simple (in hopes of getting some photos up before my dad leaves work for the day). She will also have pictures of Thursday (when I forgot my camera, and we did Santa Monica Pier) and Sunday (when Chuck used his fancy camera and we did Kidspace, Pasadena)

So we had a wonderful time!! Here are photos of Friday...Hike to the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Blvd, Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch (Where we saw Marcia Cross, from Desprate Housewives), next we split up and the Bonnemas kept going and I took the kids home for a nap, finally we met back up at Universal City Walk for dinner.

Saturday was Disneyland!!!!!



Jenny and Nelly said...

Love the photos! What a fun time.

Anna said...

Miss you guys so much!! I put up a few pictures too! Love you!