Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Happy Birthday Party" with Bert and Ernie

We had a wonderful Bert and Ernie birthday party for Adelee this weekend! She was a doll and so wonderful with all of her guests/friends! I can only take credit for the baking....Chuck decorated the AMAZING Bert and Ernie cake! He is amazing and I might force him into the cake making business very soon! (our guests were all trying to hire him)

Our wonderful friends Doug and Melissa and their 22 month old daughter Amelia (who was Adelee's best friend for the first year of her life) stayed with us for a few nights while they were in town from Boston. We had a wonderful time and were so blessed to have them here for Adelee's birthday celebration! Amelia is a doll and the 3 of the kids were so cute together!

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Anna said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how big your sweet kids are!! Adelee's party looked amazing, the cake turned out perfect!!!! Looks like so much fun. So sorry that I missed it this year. Miss you guys so much! Love you guys!!

Laura said...

Wow, Chuck, that is really something. Glad that we'll be in the area soon to enjoy more cakes and have you make Amelia's! :) Well done. Miss you guys!