Monday, October 26, 2009


Laura being the center of a really cute sandwich!

Adelee on Chocolate and Gordie on Marshmallow

First wheelbarrow ride from daddy

We had a wonderful day at the farm (last weekend) with our friends Laura, Ben and baby Amelia. We got lost in a corn maze (never did find the center...but at least we found our way out! We shopped at the farmers market, rode ponies, climbed a hay stack, hung out with chickens, sat on a tractor, and picked out pumpkins! The pumpkin picking was alittle bit different than last year in Michigan (shorts not snowsuits!) We are very happy to have the Lappenga's with us here in Los Angeles!

ps- we had a wonderful Halloween Party on Sunday. I'll post photos soon. I'm too lazy to go hook the camera up right now, I want to go to sleep :)

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joan b. said...

How wonderful that Ben & Laura had friends eager to welcome them to the LA area! Looks like you had a wonderful and fun day together - thanks for sharing the pics :)