Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gordie's 15 month stats

Well, Chuck brought Gordie to his 15 month check-up and reports are that he is doing great!

Turns out he had a HUGE growth spurt! Which I could have predicted as not only do his pants all look a bit too short for him, but he has been eating like crazy!!! I can't imagine what he will eat like when going through a growth spurt in his teenage years!

The stats:
Weight: 24 pounds 10 oz (50%)
Height: 33 1/4 inchis (75%) he was 25% at 12 months!
Head: 19 1/2 (90%) yep, he has a big head :)

The kids are having so much fun together and love each other so much!!!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Noah has almost the exact jammies as Gordie!! He's going to love that!!!
Adorable!!! Miss you!! Love you!