Thursday, February 7, 2008

Disney Day 2-The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and the Triplets 4th Birthday!

Day 2 was Abby, Sophie and Noah's 4th Birthday! They started the day with a breakfast with Pooh and Friends while Chuck, Adelee and I slept in and took our time getting ready. We met up at the Magic Kingdom where we had a wonderful (but hot!) day playing, meeting Characters (incuding Mickey Mouse!), getting wet and doing a lot of walking! We then hurried off to Epcot where we had a wonderful Birthday dinner at the Living Seas where we sat by a huge tank with fish, sharks, and scuba divers! After dinner we walked around the countries. we spent some time in Mexico because the kids are learning how to speak Spanish. Enjoy the slideshow! Sorry the pictures are out of order, I was a bit rushed to finish because Adelee woke up from her nap.


Laura said...

Awesome pics, Martha. Thanks for posting them. Looks like a great time!

Anna said...

You have wonderful pictures!! I love them! We miss you guys so much! THanks for such a wonderful time! Love you!

joan b. said...

It was great to celebrate the birthdays with you! Adalee sure is a precious little girl - couldn't believe how content and easy-going she was through all the activity and late nights. What a doll!