Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sherman Oaks Street Fair

We had a wonderful springtime day in Sherman Oaks today! It was the SO Street Fair where we watched little kids ride ponies and rides and we got to play in a petting farm! Adelee loved it! Big smiles the whole time! Petting the baby goats and playing in the woodchips (which were actually pretty clean) were her favorites!

You might be able to see my 28 week pregnant belly and my hormone driven haircut (I lost a lot of hair that day!) in a couple of the shots!


Laura said...

The haircut (and belly) are adorable. Looks like a nice weekend. We miss you guys....and the weather. :)

Anna said...

What fun!! Adelee is a lucky girl to be having such fun adventures!! Love the smiles, and giggles!! Miss you!