Thursday, June 5, 2008

One Year Visit...

Hello all-

Ok one more post this week...

Adelee and I went to our doctors this week.

Baby Boy is doing well. We had an ultrasound and everything looked good, even got to see his face! (not a good printed photo though) And the doctor says that he is "right on track". All good news!

Adelee is doing great! We skipped the shots cause she is still getting over her cold.

Her stats:

Height: 31 inches (90th%)
weight: 21.5 lbs. (50th%)
head: 18 inches (55th%)

We are trying to replace formula with milk...she is doing pretty well, I feel like I am feeding her all of the time..and that she is hungry all of the time!! (I'm still giving her the nighttime bottle of formula though)

What a year!!

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Anna said...

So proud of little Adelee, she is truly an amazing little girl. Mostly because of the wonderful parents she has! Love you!