Friday, September 26, 2008

Growing so fast!

Adelee and Gordie are doing great! Both are going so fast and learning so much! Adelee decided she had to have dolly while eating dinner the other night (not the best idea, but I do what I have to to keep some sanity around this place!) It was so cute she was patting dolly's back, giving her drinks from her sippy cup while she was eating with her fork (and fingers)...what a multitasker. Meanwhile I'm eating my dinner while nursing Gordie.

Then she taught herself how to climb in and out of the high chair.

Gordie is doing great at night and takes pretty good morning naps, but the afternoon naps are tough. He will sleep as long as he is in my arms. The temps have been in the upper 90's so I'm blaming it on the heat in his bedroom, so we'll hope for a cool down and good afternoon naps in the near future!

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