Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ernie and Bert!!!!

We had a wonderful weekend!  Everyday Gordie is learning new things (standing on his own, saying mama and uh oh, eats everything, and loves to try anything Adelee does).  Adelee says everything and repeats everything!  My favorites are "Nice" and "Oh my goodness" and "Ernie and Berp".  And it just so happens that Ernie and Bert were visiting our Zoo this weekend so Gordie, Adelee, Auntie Jen and I went and stood in line for an hour and a half to see them!  And it sure was worth it!  We also got to see a turtle close up.  The crazy little guy came out from hiding and pretty much ran over to us to say "hi" it was great! Then we went back to Jen's place cause Adelee really wanted to see her Bobo (Nelbo).  We had some yummy In and Out burgers, fries and chocolate milkshake.  Gordie LOVED the burger and fries and Adelee just couldn't stop drinking the milkshake! Sunday we relaxed, got the house ready for Gramma's visit, and enjoyed our back yard!
We are going great!  I can't believe Adelee is almost 2 and one already!

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