Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Fun Day with Daddy!

While I worked, Chuck had a fun day with the kids. Including a trip to Uncle Russ's house, skipped naps and ice cream at Mels! Plus, Chuck had lots of fun with his camera and his adorable kids. Here's is just a little taste of the cuteness...

In other news...our sweet and wonderful Gordie could very well be potty trained, it has been 5 days with no accidents. He got a "real" Buzz Lightyear doll as his reward! He is one happy little boy! And we are 2 happy parents and one proud big sister too! Oh and notice his undies. He insists on wearing them with "buzz lightyear in the front" which of course is backwards...which just cracks us up, especially when his cute tush hangs out the back!

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Anna said...

SO SO CUTE!! Go Gordie, so proud of you!! Love you all!