Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life around here just keeps getting better! Adelee and Gordie cannot stop playing...make believe, games, bikes, on the swing-set...they are joys! Well, except when I get all pumped up to go for a nice walk...a walk to get me back into shape. Kids are on their bikes, Chessa is in the stroller and I have my walking shoes on. But it never works out the way I think it should; you know--a nonstop, brisk peaceful walk. Instead we are stopping to pick up pine cones (yes, we have pine cones in SoCal), lining up to race one another, and the occasionally playing bumper bikes, which may or may not lead to someone falling off and crying. (Meanwhile, Chessa is usually a sweetheart and falls asleep for her quick early evening nap). Yep, that's my life...and like my mother-in-law reminded me to do...I am enjoying it while it lasts. Oh, and yes I am remembering to slow down and breath!

Finally, Chessa is getting cuter, fatter, taller and is getting lots of love and attention these days! (we go to the doctor for her 4 month check up next week, so we'll have an update soon!)

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