Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! What a blessed week! We have been having a ball! Friday we went to a Good "day for a jump" Friday Party, and guess what? The Easter Bunny snuck by to hide eggs. Adelee and Gordie rocked the egg hunt (each, got at least twice as many eggs as any other kid). We had a blast. Saturday was Adelee's Easter Tea Party. It was her first Tea Party with friends (the only one to compete would be the Tea Party she had with Sophie and Abby a year and a half ago). It was adorable, beautiful, fun, perfect. The boys were the waiters, and did a wonderful job. Nothing was broken!! Yea! I just can not express how adorable it was!! There will be more of those parties in her future! Sunday, Easter, was another beautiful day! The pictures say it all. A BIG thank you to Gramma Kaiton for "making" our kiddos look so beautiful in their coordinating outfits!! You are amazing! Really AMAZING!

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