Wednesday, March 25, 2009

9 months---almost

We had Gordie's 9 month doctor visit this week. It was a little bit early because the doctor is following the poor little guys acid reflux. Actually it doesn't seem to bother just is making A LOT of messy spit ups all over the house! Oh well...he'll grow out of it! Other than that he is doing great!

Weight: 19 pounds 8 oz
Height; 28 inches
Head: 18 1/4 inch

He is ready to have his cute little teeth brushed with some water and is going strong with finger foods like soft bananas and pears, rice cakes, and gerber puffs...he loves to eat and is so good at it!

He is cruising on furniture, crawling everywhere and fast! He is so close to standing on his own. And loves to push toys around the house (some are a bit more steady than others).

Way to go Gordie!


Anna said...

He is doing so great!! I can't believe how time is flying!! Miss you guys so much! Love the painting too! Love you!

GLMcD said...

I love the spring time pictures. What fun - and great to have a backyard. We can't wait to come and play too :-)