Monday, March 9, 2009

"Kids Dance"

Adelee had her first dance class today! She loved it and I was exhausted after! I guess I'm paying for her to learn to dance and a workout class for me!

She did really good, for a first class. She was really excited to jump over the shoes and into the hoola hoops...she walked on her toes and loved the tap shoes and all the noise they make! I can tell that a few more classes and she will be able to do so much more! It is a great class (30 minutes of ballet and 20 of tap) and she had a blast. Gordie...poor guy...had to sit and watch 5 squeeling girls dance around with magic wands and pom poms! But he did great...not a peep!

Sorry the pictures aren't great, but I felt a little funny taking pictures during the class so theses are before and after.

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Anna said...

Oh my goodness! The pictures and videos are too adorable for words! I LOVE it!! You have the most amazing kids! I miss you guys so much! Love you!