Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2030(ish) First Round Draft Pick!

We sure are loving our backyard! Gordie will hit around balls all day with those hockey sticks!

He's doing great! He gets a bit frustrated when he falls one to many times or when he wants something and just can't figure out how to tell me. But he loves taking my hand and leading me to the back door to go out and play! He is very good at communicating even if he has no words (well he'll say ma-ma when crying for me in the middle of the night...that's not one I get too excited about...if he said it during the day it would be a different story).

Adelee is pretty much potty trained! We are so proud of her and she is very proud of herself! She loves to sing, color, ride her tricycle, and play ball!

We are all doing great!

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