Sunday, August 16, 2009

We have been having loads of fun!

We are keeping busy with trips to Flagstaff (but I forgot my camera, so check out Mackenzie's blog for those pictures), birthday parties, playdates with our friends and lots of fun with Aunts and Uncles!

Adelee is talking up a storm, loves dance class on Saturday mornings, is potty trained, and is a MONKEY!

Gordie is everywhere! He is falling less, climbing more. Starting to say some more meaningful sounds...but is still frustrated that he can't tell me what he wants. He can point to his nose, which is so cute! He is starting to really like dancing! And he is done with every meal before I have a chance to sit down! Oh and he still loves playing hockey! Unky Nelbo was playing hockey in our driveway the other day when Gordie walked over, picked up his hockey stick and started playing along side of him. It was so cute.

So here are a few photos and a video of the kids.


Laura said...

oh so cute. Can't wait to see you guys super soon!

Anna said...

Oh man, your kids are growing so fast and changing so much. I miss you all so much!! Hugs and Kisses from Auntie Anna :)