Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adelee and I have been feeling crafty!

Adelee and I had a wonderful morning doing crafts. Adelee practiced sticking stickers, gluing, then moved on to coloring and play-doh. Meanwhile, I did some sewing. I didn't do all of the things in the picture today...but in the past month. From a "man-bag" for gordie (cause he is always carrying around Adelee's pink purse, to a baby pillow case for a friend, to pillow covers for our old sofa pillows. I also sewed a little tractor over a "Splendid" little boy's shirt that had an advertisement on it (got it in a gift bag)so now gordie can enjoy the soft cotton without advertising a store in Beverly Hills and that they love Tori Spelling's daughter Stella.

I am also knitting 35 squares to sew together to make an area rug for our living area. (I have 4 1/2 done...)

Here's a little photo. I took the photo with my computer so it probably isn't the best quality.

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