Sunday, June 13, 2010

TODAY! A Perfect Day!

The dance recital was amazing! I was the parent volunteer so I got to hang out with the 8 girls in the back before and after they performed (this was A LOT harder than I imagined!) But I was lucky to see Adelee having a blast with lots of other girls! Chuck says that Gordie was a perfect little angel in his seat and loved clapping after each performance! was the birthday party! Simply a wonderful time! Adelee and Gordie both were busy doing arts and crafts with all of their friends the whole time! Again, perfect little angels! We painted canvases, made jewelry, decorated ties, sculpted play dough, colored, got face painted and tattooed too! Auntie Jenny, Unkie Nelbo and Gramma and Grandpa were a wonderful addition to the party and helped make everything go smoothly! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

They were very thankful for all of their friends and their gifts! And Chuck and I are very thankful for our 2 beautiful kiddos!


Mom and Dad said... looks like a wonderful day. We are so proud of Adelee and the party looked like lots of fun!!!! @@

GLMcD said...

Amazing! Which we could have been there for all the fun!