Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gordie's birthday!

Gordie wanted to see Choo Choo Trains on his birthday. So we headed to Griffith Park where we rode on a really cool and fast Merry-go-round (the kids both LOVE Merry-go-rounds!) and to Travel Town, an outdoor train museum with trains you can climb on, ride on and play with. We made it home for naps (except Adelee who found a spider on the wall next to her bed and therefore did not nap) Gordie actually was talking so long in bed that I went in to hug him and I ended up rocking him to sleep (something I hadn't done in a long time...and it was super wonderful to do on his birthday! Then we had a nice family gathering, birthday celebration for Gordie. He got awesome presents including a big boy bike! a hockey net! remote control car! a really cool Hummer truck that plays MC Hammer, and moves with a push of a button! a "Hot Wheels" loop for his hot wheels cars! Plus 2 Toy Story books! He was so happy! It was a wonderful day!

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