Friday, February 24, 2012

a collage for you

A last minute decision to take the kids to Palm Springs to crash in chuck's hotel room, abuse his hotel privileges (like SWIMMING in the pool!), sit out on the patio watching the palm trees and mountains (and catching glimpses of chuck working), eating a wonderful dinner with my 3 amazing kids outside listening to waterfalls and frogs and finally spending a morning at a desert zoo where one of the nice old lady volunteers adopted us and gave us a special tour of all of the best parts of the zoo (including the adorable brother and sister mountain lions cuddling cheek to cheek with paws resting on one another...which reminded me of the night before in the hotel where Gordie wanted to sleep in the middle of the bed so he could be closer to Adelee). I was relaxed and loved our little mini vacation!! By the way, Chessa was such a good sport and just hung out playing with her toes or toys, and she allowed me to spend some good time with the big kids.Love!!

Another cool part of the zoo was the baby giraffe with the ostrich walking just below the snow capped mountains and bright blue cool!! Look close at the first picture.

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