Friday, February 17, 2012

The Little Things

I kinda liked feeling a bit under the weather today... it made me slow down; and I got to notice all the cuteness going on around me!! Adelee and Gordie played LEGO's all day!! Seriously ALL DAY...except a little time off: --to swing on the swingset. Even Chessa got a chance to try out her swing! And she loved it! Gordie can pump himself now...and he LOVES to swing! And I love watching him it is so relaxing and makes me feel so happy just imagining on happy he feels flying through the air! -- to play some baseball. Gordie has an amazing swing!! He hit one over the neighbor's wall today! Adelee, well lets just say I'm scared to pitch to Adelee, our backyard is just not big enough for the power that comes out of the little princess when she swings the bat!!! Seriously I'm scared!! --and to have a mini campout in the backyard. I called it naptime, but for some reason I was the only one who wanted to nap. But while we were laying on our backs looking up at the perfectly blue sky we noticed a hummingbird, buds on the tree branches and even a few baby leaves that had popped out already. Gordie noticed..."That, right there!" I still don't know what he was looking at...but I got excited anyways :-) Finally, Chessa was pulling on her feet so I decided to try on a pair of shoes Gramma gave her (that fit!) And she started developing her love for shoes! Well, right now it's more about the taste then the style, but it's a start.
Oh, and by the way February in Los Angeles is awesome! :-)


GLMcD said...

Awesome update!! Its so funny - we did the same "nap time" in the yard today. I wish I would have gotten some pictures! Love you and miss you!

Anna said...

Man!!! I want naptime in the yard!! It was sunny here, and no snow but still 35 degrees, not perfect for naptime! Maybe we'll shoot for a nap in a sunbeam tomorrow!!