Friday, August 3, 2012


Oh my! We have been busy! Chuck was gone for a few weeks. In that time we had a couple of pretty nasty illnesses (Gordie and Chessa). Once we recovered from those we were full force ahead including lots of bowling! Chuck returned from New York City and played hookie from work the following day. We hit up California Adventure. By then I was getting a little bit nervous about the last week of the month. We had swim class everyday, vacation bible school everyday and Adelee's KinderAcademy for 4 mornings. So I begged my parents to come out. Ok, it wasn't really that hard, I promised lots of cuddles from Chessa. Thankfully, they jumped on a flight and were here to help! While they were here we learned about the Philippines at the Hollywood Bowl, hung out at the Splash Pad, Chuck and I got to go out on a date, and they got to enjoy soccer practice and swim class. Gordie had a wonderful time at Vacation Bible School. He new exactly what he wanted to do to his hair on "crazy hair day." He remembered Noah's halloween costume from last year. Oh and I am not worried about that kid going off to preschool in a few weeks! Adelee and I had a wonderful time at the parent and me Kinder Academy at her new school. We met wonderful families and she is already singing songs in Spanish, after only 4 short days! Chessa couldn't get enough of Papa and I'm sure was very thankful to not have to be dragged around town everyday this week! Here are some pictures. I'm sorry they are not in order I am sure. But this is July! w

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Anna said...

I just remembered to show Noah Gordie's picture on crazy hair day. His mouth fell open, no words came out for a few moments....then, "COOL!" Followed by a HUGE smile! Love you guys!!