Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Girl Update

The ultrasound today was fun...I don't think I've ever had one this late in the game before. (32 weeks) My placenta is low, but in a safe spot (you can see her snuggling with it in the photo). And all bloodflow looks good!

But most importantly...What a cutie! And everything looked great...her heart was strong and "beeping" at about 130 bpm (Adelee and Gordie's favorite part!), her brain, stomach, kidneys, spine....all looked great. She even has a little hair on the back of her head, we saw it floating in the amniotic funny! The doc couldn't get a good look at her feet because they were too far up under my ribs...yea, I could have told her that! When I asked if she had a small head (wishful thinking) the doc agreed and said, "yes, on the smaller side". That left me wondering if she was just humoring me or if she really does have a head more the size of Adelee's than Gordie's head at birth! The baby was estimated to weigh about 4 pounds 5 ounces, right around 50%ile. We have a wonderful video of the whole ultrasound, but here is a cute photo of her face. I think she is looking just like Adelee...especially those adorable lips and her cute nose! She even opened her eyes a bit for the photo. Oh and we got the official photo of confirming she is a girl...but we'll keep the photo of her privates private :-)

8 weeks to go!

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