Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer=Apples! Birthday Parties! Buddies! and Swimming!

We have been having a wonderful, but HOT summer! Although it sounds strange, we get apples on our apple tree about this time of year, so the kids and I had fun picking some to make a pie! The kids have enjoyed the kiddie pool and slip and slide almost everyday! I am trying to take it easy, so I have many knitting projects in the works, here is Gordie's Monkey. Finally...Gordie turned 3!!! We went to see Cars 2 in the Theater on Saturday, had 4th of July Parties on both July 3rd and July 4th and then I threw him a little Dino-riffic birthday party for a few of his buddies...including Cameron and Sasha (Mackenzie and Brandon) who are out visiting from Flagstaff!

Just as my camera erased the beach photos last week...this time it erased most of the party photos...bummer! After that I hurried around trying to take as many photos as possible with Chuck's camera so I could have some record of the party! Urrrgggg!!!

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